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I am a newbie to Git, so following it from start.
I faced following issues:--

Page 15-- Run git commit --message 'Initial commit of book.'. did not worked for me,as I am using Windows and it expects double quotes.
Also, if I forget to give -m option, default VI editor opens, so having information of how to change default editor will be helpful.

Page 36:--Adding new Git remote repository
Following the book I did git remote add origin command and misspelt the url. When I tried again by correcting it, I got the error, fatal: remote origin already exists...
After browsing, I figured out that I need to remove the mis-spelt origin entry. So information regarding this would be useful.

Page 38:--git push
I was not able to push changes, following the topic.
I created a black repository in github to solve this, which is missing.

Being new to Git, I am just following the book as lehman. Hope this helps.
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Re: Meap V06. Page 15,34,38
Thanks for the comments although I fear it may be too late in the book development cycle to correct them. Are you using Git Bash? If so you should be able to use single or double quotes.

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Re: Meap V06. Page 15,34,38
Yeah, I am using GIt Bash, but it did not worked for me. Not sure why!!!
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Re: Meap V06. Page 15,34,38
The book has now been printed and I'm not sure how I'd fix any of these particular issues without significant modifications so I don't think I'll be able to change them, sorry!