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I am using this book together with online tutorials etc to learn AngularJS. While this book is great for helping me understand AngularJS I feel that in any real project (i.e. multiple developer man years) that I will use Angular for, a starter projects is required to bootstrap the AngularJS part of the project.

Now this could be better in an Appendix (than a Chapter) but I think it would be good to cover the main options (ngBoilerplate, Yeoman, Angular Seed etc) with the pros and cons of these. As a AngularJS newbie I would benefit from the authors views on this topic

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Re: Bootstrapping / Starter projects AngularJS Application Appendix/Chapter?
Hi Steve --

I am still working out what is going to go in the appendices as I want the main chapters to focus on AngularJS specifically. But! I promise that if these topics do not make it into an appendix, I will either do a post on it at my blog or as bonus content on the companion site.

Thanks for the feedback!