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From the PDF version of MEAP_3.

Page 138 of print form This c book : eliminate c
P 140 book, k the critical : eliminate k
P 150 idenity : identity
P 169 compute. you : remove .
P 174 compoent : component
P 175 Neutron : neutron
P 180 deprocated : deprecated
P 181 API's ,the : API's, the
P 185 eniter : entire
P 188 Ubundu : Ubuntu

Other suggestions:

I think you should specify at the very beginning of the Ch 5, that the deployment will be made on Ubuntu.
In Keystone objects list (P 151), I would add also "Domains".
In Listing 5.72 Restart services, I would have performed the services restart from /etc/init.d, not from /usr/bin
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Re: Ch 5, spelling mistakes and other suggestions
Hi fsoppelsa,

Than you for the edits and suggestions. Corrections will be made.

The seeming random letters are related to a new editing process between myself and the editor. Basically, if I remove a section of text that contained a note the note disappears. I am sure we will work this out.

Unfortunately, the rest of the misspellings and things are related to a mind (mine) than can read and entire paragraph of misspelled words and not notice smilie

Manning tries to make each chapter and section as self-contained as possible, so your suggestion related to specifying the install OS is very welcome.

Domains were added in Keystone V3 and I don't know how much we will get into that. Is there something in Keystone V3 or Domains in general that you find of great interest?

In terms of restarting services you might have hit on something that needs to be explained. To be honest I don't fully understand the current differences between traditional /etc/init.d, "services", and "upstart". Basically, the services don't exist int /etc/init.d, which I expect is due to them using upstart. Likely I should use the "service" command for restarting everything. This post explains more: http://askubuntu.com/questions/2075/whats-the-difference-between-service-and-etc-init-d

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Re: Ch 5, spelling mistakes and other suggestions
re restarting services: I would agree with just using the 'service' command. It's more "portable".

'service' has actually been around long before upstart, btw; it's just a convenience command that apparently the folks decided to stick to when moving to upstart, so if you're not being so hardcore (ie. running scripts directly yourself by typing the path directly a la "/etc/init.d/..."), what you've learnt will still work...