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oarmand (11) [Avatar] Offline
v6 of the MEAP edition contains p.161 in the resource contention chapter contains a note about contentions at the OS level, suggesting either virtualization or single worker per node configurations.

An alternative way may come from resource management frameworks, either the one provided by YARN or by container-based execution environment such as Docker or Apache Mesos, to at least control allocated memory and CPU resources.

As anyone already tried one of these ones and has feedback to provide?
sean.allen (19) [Avatar] Offline
Re: YARN/containter-based resource management
Storm w/ Yarn is still rather new and we aren't covering it in the book.

Running Storm inside of docker in no way sidesteps issues with resource contention.

If you run multiple virtualized machines on a single host machine, you can have contention for resources on the host machine.

If you run multiple docker instances inside a host (be it virtualized itself or not), you are still going to have resource contention issues at the host level. Docker containers share resources.

The single worker process per OS is a way to sidestep contention for OS resources by different topologies. Its primitive, simple and saves you a ton of overhead assuming you can afford the "wasted" resources.