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or14 (2) [Avatar] Offline

first of all thank you for the great examples for oculus rift.
I just want to know how I can use the Direct Mode for Development Kit 2 with your examples. Is that possible?

Kind regards
bradley.davis (18) [Avatar] Offline
Re: OculusExamples in DirectMode
So far I have been unable to get Direct HMD mode to work with any OpenGL examples. I've reported it on the Oculus forums here

One of the Oculus engineers replied on the thread expressing optimism that most or all OpenGL issues would be fixed in the next build. Given their track record with OpenGL and the stability of Direct HMD, my optimism is somewhat tarnished, but I'll wait and see what happens.

For the time being, in order to run our examples I recommend that you use the Rift in extended mode. Additionally, if you're experiencing judder with the examples, I'd recommend setting the Rift to 60 Hz, rather that 75 Hz. This has resolved most judder issues for me and is an easier solution than setting the Rift as the primary monitor or overclocking your usual primary monitor to 75 Hz.
or14 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: OculusExamples in DirectMode

if I'm running the examples from you with my ultrabook with an Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU on the dk2 the open gl window is not in fullscreen mode. I also had to change the versions of the gl shaders from #330 to #400 and from #440 to #430.
How can I fix the problem?

Kind regards.