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I'm currently brushing up on Express with Express In Action (already read Node in Action and I find your approach to Express so far even more intuitive than in that previous book). Can't wait for upcoming chapters.

There are a couple of bad phrases (missing words and such) that will need an editor, but that don't seriously affect the reading experience.

More annoying is the fact that some of the numbered annotations in the code seem to be outside the normal flow of the remaining content and splash over some of the code at times as well as the text outside the code box, making a mess of things.

Atm, I'm staring at a blatant example of this on page 37, but there were other cases of it before.

I'm aware this, along with other blemishes, will probably get fixed before the release, but it would be good if MEAP readers could be treated to legible text at least as many will probbably end up reading this book as you're writing in the MEAP versions.
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Re: Bad Formating
FYI: I quickly skimmed through what I read so far and the other case of code annotation going over other text is on page 21.
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Re: Bad Formating
I wrote to Manning about this and they have issued an update. That new version is still shown as version 1, and "Your Bookshelf" does not show that there has been a recent update, but download again anyway.

Search your MEAP for "Listing 2.4" to determine whether you need to download the update.

If the formatting is messed up then downloading the MEAP again should fix it.
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Re: Bad Formating
Great to know. Thanks for the info. I guess it's a shame they don't have minor version numbers on the MEAP for such things.