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RichCaloggero (2) [Avatar] Offline
I'm a blind user and use a screen reader to interact with my computer.

I love the fact that this book is available in electronic format; I can actually read it, and chuck is completely accessible since its simply a text-based programming language.

However, the code examples in this book are impossible to read. Even more vexing, they appear differently in pdf vs. epub.

EPub is my prefered format since it tends to preserve headings for chapters / sections / etc. However, PDFs can also be created in such a way as to preserve all of this information, and I hope this will be done eventually.

In ePub, the code examples are rendered based on how the reader decides to parse the html. For instance, there are no clear containers for each line so the reader gets to decide how to break up the string. There is perhaps some visual CSS which causes things to be broken at proper line boundaries, but screen readers do not deal with CSS (except for things such as display:none / block and other similar properties). In one read (lucifox - firefox extension) which tends to be very usable (unlike all other firefox epub extensions I've tried), the code simply renders with no line breaks at all. So, for short examples, everything is on one line:

Listing 6.1  Connecting Audio Input to Output using adc and dac (CAUTION!!)

//connect audio input to audio output through Gain UG adc => Gain g => dac;   //let it run for 10 seconds10.0 :: second => now;

The pdf version actually does break the lines properly, but as stated previously, pdf has its own issues.

A fix for this would be greatly appreciated.