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So, I bought the book several months back and, my bad, I didn't realize only the first four chapters were available - but then, for months, we had nothing, no updates, no new chapters, no indication of when there will be anything out.

I understand the concept of MEAP, but I found it borderline unethical for Manning to release a book for purchase that is (quite literally) not even half-done, and many months away from even getting another single chapter.

I think that the least that could be done would be to provide a schedule, even tentative, of when can we expect to see the book completed (if ever): at one chapter every several months, by my reckoning, we should have the complete book in 2018.

Is that the plan?
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Re: Any updates on progress?
Hello - I am the editor for OpenStack. We will have chapter 5 up on the MEAP very soon, most likely later this week.

We also have chapters 6, 7, and 8 in progress and these will also be released shortly.

I understand the slow pace can be frustrating. MEAPS allow you to get content while the book is being written, and we are always balancing between speed and maintaining quality, so we don't release chapters with any issues that might be frustrating for readers. You should have gotten an email last month explaining we are working on new content, and plan to release it as soon as possible - maybe that did not make it through to you.

You should see new material very soon. Thanks for your involvement with the book process.

Susan Conant
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Re: Any updates on progress?
Hi Susan, is there any news about the update?
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Re: Any updates on progress?
Forgive our impatience, looking forward to the new Chapter and any update is appreciated.
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Re: Any updates on progress?

I am happy to report - ch 5 is ready for MEAP - it should be live by Friday or Saturday. You will get an email notification when it is available.

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Re: Any updates on progress?

thanks for update and explanation.
Please allow me to clarify where the frustration originates: when purchasing a MEAP I am fully aware of what the `E` stands for, so I'm a lot more forgiving of punctuation, spelling mistakes or minor inconsistencies and/or repetitions across paragraphs and chapters - the focus is on getting my hands on the "meaty" tech stuff (I may be less forgiving of coding errors - especially when they could have been found out by simply running said code; but so be it).

I have purchased several other MEAP books, and I'm perfectly happy with them.

What was frustrating about the experience here is that you guys released something that was not even close to being complete; and this was not made clear at all (or at least, not to notoriously ADD types such as us developers smilie

Anyways, looking forward to the new material - we're now only two releases behind Openstack (I'm assuming the book is still on Grizzly, right?)
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Re: Any updates on progress?
Looking forward to getting the next set of chapters.

I thought it was fairly clearly noted on the MEAP that only the first four we're available.
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Re: Any updates on progress?

I am the author of the book and really the only person to blame for chapter delays. I apologize for not being more active on the forum and for not getting content out quicker.

I actually had written a great deal of what will be Ch5-8 long before the first part was released. However, as you have likely experienced OpenStack changes rapidly, so content needs to be adapted and in some cases totally rewritten.

At the beginning of this project I received some good advice from two fellow OpenStack authors (different book). They said to stick with a release or the book would never be finished. I have learned the hard way that they were correct.

So where does this leave us? Chapter 5 is about to go out and the remaining chapters in the second part of the book should soon follow (once up to Manning standards).

Before starting this project I had no idea how much (some) publishers put into book development. While it is in the best interest of Manning to get books out the door, they really do make every effort to produce a quality publication.

In this case the author is weak link. I will make every effort to produce quality content at a higher rate.

Cody Bumgardner
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Re: Any updates on progress?

I think the original MEAP was based on the Havana release. Subsequent releases have been based on the current Icehouse release.

There have been additional updates from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04, based on user feedback.

We (author and editors) have also tried to incorporate reader suggestions into the previously released chapters.