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vimalkrishna (2) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Chris

I am interested in knowing about the codes that you might have for (like collecting & displaying data) other then Groovy & Grails for future chapters.
It will make it very useful. We have projects in many languages. I have preference for Java, still what other language you might provide? it is fine for me if it is limited to Java.
And why you are choosing the Groovy & Grails?

Best regards
christopher.davis (5) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What can be other language other then Groovy & Grails
Hi Vimal,

The primary languages I plan on focusing on in the book are Groovy and Grails. The main reasons are because Groovy runs on the JVM, it's a flexible language, and you can do a lot with little code. I have actually built the system I describe in the book more than once, another language I've used is Python and intend to have an appendix with details on how to accomplish most of the same tasks with Python. The reason I chose Python as a second language is because like Groovy, it's very flexible, popular, and can run on many different environments. If you have suggestions for other languages I would be happy to consider them, especially if you and the community are interested in anything else in particular.


vimalkrishna (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What can be other language other then Groovy & Grails
Hi Chris
many thanks for the explanation, i wanted to hear your approach, that you have told me now. I was thinking of PHP, that I have learnt in last 3 years. I am using Java over a decade but PHP grew in last 3-4 years.
But you don't need to experiment with that. I will pick Groovy.
I liked two chapters, it is worth re-reading.

With best regards
WernerMairl (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What can be other language other then Groovy & Grails
i suggest to change the title of the book

with this title i don't expect a book about programing (technologies or languages)