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Manning now has two Git books, 'Git in Practice' and 'Learn Git in a Month of Lunches.' I'm a fairly new user of git, and have (mostly) read through the O'Reilly book 'Version Control with Git' and I'm in the market for another one. I would like to have something in between a deep theoretical book (like the Loeliger book) and a simple command reference (which I can get from Github Help).

Question: What are the major difference between the two Manning books? Are there significant strengths and/or weaknesses?

I've also posted this to the other book's forum.

Thanks, CC.
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Re: confused about books
Thanks for your question, CC! "Git in a Month of Lunches" is a beginner's book. It's written in a tutorial format, and it's geared for first-timers. "Git in Practice" is geared for intermediate to advanced Git users.

If you've already spent time with the O'Reilly Git book, then "Git in Practice" would be more appropriate. That said, there's nothing wrong with buying both!