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Manning now has two Git books, 'Git in Practice' and 'Learn Git in a Month of Lunches.' I'm a fairly new user of git, and have (mostly) read through the O'Reilly book 'Version Control with Git' and I'm in the market for another one. I would like to have something in between a deep theoretical book (like the Loeliger book) and a simple command reference (which I can get from Github Help).

Question: What are the major difference between the two Manning books? Are there significant strengths and/or weaknesses?

I've also posted this to the other book's forum.

Thanks, CC.
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Re: confused about books
"Git in Practice" is intermediate-advanced and "Learn Git in a Month of Lunches" is beginner-intermediate. If you've already read another Git book then Git In Practice would probably be a better fit for you (although of course I'm biased).