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MEAP V04, ยง3.6.1 (p.72) states "PACKAGES SHOULD BE SMALL"

I understand it is desirable and intellectualy satisfactory to have small, focused, orthogonal packages.

On the other hand, the deliberately simplified dependency rules forbid cyclic dependencies and sometimes lead to merge related packages. This results is a small number of medium/large packages.

In this thread Andrew Gerrand throws a few catchphrases!topic/golang-nuts/8nwGtohyVtc
"A Go package typically contains a lot more than a Java or C++ class would"
"I don't see the point of separating code into multiple packages if they are not logically separate pieces of code"
"Sometimes packages need to be big"

My feeling so far is that it is an open debate, and the tradeoff between modularity and effective buildability should be a sensible case-by-case decision.

Could you maybe add a few authoritative guidelines for package size, and also the nice standard workarounds when compilation is difficult ?

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Re: Packages : big or small ?
Excellent Assessment and reference. Thanks !!