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dchillman (3) [Avatar] Offline
I've been following the application in Chapter 7 - after defining a popupInfo in the config.json as in the chapter I don't see popups on the map. then it dawned upon me that nowhere do you define a "click" event - where is it supposed to be defined? can you provide an example?
rene.rubalcava (10) [Avatar] Offline
Re: chapter 7 - defining popups
By defining the popupInfo in the webmap spec part of the configuration for the layer, there is no need to create a click event. The arcgisUtils.createMap method handles this for you. So you should be able to click on the layer and get the popup with the defined details. I just tested it out and it seems to be working. If you're getting a different result, please let me know.
dchillman (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: chapter 7 - defining popups
I had manually coded my solution as I went through the book. When I used your chapter 7-part 5 code the popup functioned correctly (which for some reason I hadn't thought to do before I raised my question). I traced the problem to my index.html - I had included a div with id="map-div" which apparently interferes with the map.js script, which creates that div.