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Thank you guys for this great work-on-progress book. I especially like the graph pictures explaining slices and maps, they are great.

Here are my 5 remarks. 2 of them are just typos but still worth noticing :

1) p.25 "respectably": should be replaced with "respectively" ?

2) p.27 "The keyword range can be used with slices, maps and channels."
It can also be used with arrays and strings. Maybe it's less common, but the current formulation tend to imply that range works *only* with the 3 mentioned types, which is not true.

3) p.57 It is not clear to me how to deal with package main :
- should we create a subdirectory "main" ? because usually package name==directory name.
- or should we put the go file containing main() in same directory as other package sources? which would result in a conflict because we are not allowed to mix packages.
- is it better to have main as a subdir of a package, or the package itself subdir of main like in the matchers example?

4) p.60 3.2.1 Remote Imports : is fetching achieved with pure http/https? does it support svn, git? with credentials?

5) p.101 In listing 4.41 "<" (html entity) should be replaced with inferior character "<"

Best regards & looking forward next chapters
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Re: V04 review : 5 remarks
Awesome finds !! We will make sure all this gets corrected.