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I typed in all of the code from the book but I could not get this demo app to load. So after several hours of trying to figure out the error I copied the sample project and I am still seeing the same error:

Uncaught Ext.panel.Table.initComponent(): A column configuration must be specified

Unfortunately that is all the info I have. Can someone please let me know if you have seen this before and let me know where I can look? I see the call stack in chrome dev tools but all I see is code from way down in the Ext libraries, I can't see anything to indicate what is missing in my (and the sample) code. Any insight is appreciated.
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Re: Trying to get Chap 14 survey demo to work
I just tried to replicate that issue on two clean computers, but everything worked fine here.

Make sure you have Sencha Cmd installed and run `sencha app build` from ch14 folder before opening the example in a browser.

Updated instructions are pushed to GitHub: https://github.com/ModusCreateOrg/extjs-in-action-examples
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Are you using Ext JS 4.x for this project?