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I've just started to read second chapter. I see that second chapter in mobi is different than second chapter in pdf version. Mobi version starts with below TOC:
- Review The Lexical Elements Of The Go Language
- Understand How Types and Variables Are Implemented
- Learn To Logically Control Program Flow
- Explore The Uncommon Features Of Functions
- Handle Exceptions And Don't Panic

Pdf version starts with below TOC:
- Reviewing A Comprehensive Go Program
- Declaring Types, Variables, Functions and Methods
- Launching and Synchronizing Goroutines
- Writing Generic Code Using Interfaces
- Handling Errors as Normal Program Logic

Further, chapter's content is also different. Pdf version doesn't contain text from mobi version and vice versa.

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Re: Mobi_v04 and Pdf_v04 are different
I just sent this to the publisher, thanks