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I'm reading the MEAP in epub format, on a kobo aura hd ereader.
The pages are not very wide on this display, so I suspect this is why the tables are not always readable, with multiple lines being displayed across each other. In PDF format everything looks fine.

One example is in 4.2.1, the Method syntax: attr
The heading attr(name) is displayed right across the explanation.
Same for attr(attributes), a bit later on.

The method syntax for att(name, value) displays fine.

Table 5.1 is completely impossible to read. The rows in the Description column get only one line per item, but need two or three. Therefore they get printed on top of the preceding and following items.

Thought you'd want to know.
I like the book a lot, thanks for writing it!
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Re: Table layout in epub format
Hi fdlk
I would suggest to try following settings:
- Page presentation/ Kobo styling >>OFF
- Page presentation/ Orientation Lock >> OFF
- Text Alignment >>> Publishers default
- Page Transition style >>> Scrolling

- Font size >>> Smallest as you can read
- Font type >>> Publishers Default
This is the settings i have on my gadget without overlapping text, and charts look decent in proportion.
Let me know if need any printscreens