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Please forgive my ignorance if my question may sound to simple. I am not an admin and come from devOps background in Cloud environments. I have been trying to install OpenStack following the instructions. However; after 30 minutes of running, I got the following error:

Invalid input for operation: IP address is not a valid IP for the defined subnet

I have physical Linux box running Utunbu 14 and I have sought the help of our Linux admin to set the FLOATING_RANGE, PUBLIC_NETWORK_GATEWAY, FIXED_RANGE as follows:


Any help, tip to resolve the issue is greatly appreciated. And by way, I assume if I run, it would do a reinstall?
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Re: Invalid subnet
It seems default gateway in Neutron is and hence the error " is not a valid IP for the defined subnet". I had to add NETWORK_GATEWAY parameter to my local.conf and retry again and the installation succeeded.

It would be great if a reference to this issue is made in the book
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Re: Invalid subnet
I am glad you found a solution, but sorry the instructions didn't work for you.

The network settings in the book are intended to be as standalone as possible. In the 2/3rd of the book we will go into this more.

The only address in the devstack/local.conf that is specific to your environment is the HOST_IP setting.

HOST_IP= //The address of the host running devstack
FLOATING_RANGE= //arbitrary address for book
PUBLIC_NETWORK_GATEWAY= //arbitrary address for book
FIXED_RANGE= //arbitrary address for book

I will try and make this more clear in my updates. I expect this will be made clear in the 2/3rd of the book. Keep in mind that the FIXED_RANGE is internal to OpenStack and has nothing to do with your local environment.

**When strange things happen.. start the devstack process over, including downloading latest devstack/stable code. **

OpenStack is under heavy development so even accurate instructions are know to not work depending on the state of devstack/stable. I will need to fork the code before book release to at least keep a stable/working environment.