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brandtryan (11) [Avatar] Offline
As a software tester, I've come to realize that when learning a new language/program 50% of "bugs" I find are actually "user error". Let that suffice as a Disclaimer smilie

Of course, I realize this is a draft - a work in progress -- nevertheless, I would make the following comment:

I'm finding it hard to distinguish between "examples" within the book (e.g., the snippets on page 4smilie, code that can be "tried out" via the browser's console (e.g. the snippets on page 33), and code that should be inserted into the current working document (e.g., code on page 52 to be inserted into d3ia.html).

I'm currently in section 2.2.2, page 52, which contains the following:

We’ll keep working with d3ia.html , which we created in Chapter 1, and which is a simple HTML page with minimal DOM elements and styles.

I'm not sure whether to insert the code towards the bottom of the existing code (say, directly above the closing body tag), or if I am to replace all of the existing code within the body. I've had to ask this question a number of times thus far -- and end up looking ahead to try and figure it out (e.g., I see on page 53 that none of the original objects are displayed, so I've assumed I'm to replace all of the existing code in the d3ia.html file).

After browsing the forum, it seems no one else is having this problem - which leads me to believe it's just my lack of experience in web development. I thought I'd mention it anyway --
elijah.meeks (127) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Suggestion related to readers writing code examples
There's no need for the disclaimer, I can see why that might be unclear, and even though you don't see anyone else having this issue, it's more likely that someone would not post about it if they did, so I appreciate you're taking the time and effort to mention it.

Typically, I mean that we'll replace all the JavaScript code with whatever new code we're working with in whatever chapter or section we've started working with. Sometimes, though, I mean to add the new code to an existing function or run it in the console because it will work as standalone. I'll try to take a look and see if I can make a distinction between each of these cases (maybe even with an icon, but at least in the language introducing the code).

Ultimately, I think the best thing for it is that I'll be putting all the examples up on jsFiddle... eventually. Once that happens, it will be much more clear.
brandtryan (11) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Suggestion related to readers writing code examples
Thanks for considering my suggestion -- will post anything else I come up with while reading, if it is helpful.
Stoney (10) [Avatar] Offline
I had the same problem with code snippets. I think that it is a problem with not being familiar with javascript and d3js. Once I am more familiar with javascript and the d3js library It will probably be obvious where something goes. These days technology is changing faster and people tend to scan books to satisfy their immediate needs. Thanks for showing us that you use, that is helpful.