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Most of the references in the book refer to QGIS as version 2.x but I noticed this table has lagged behind. In case you don't use/upgrade QGIS regularly current version is 2.4 and some of the plugins not ready for the release have now been fixed for that as well. (OpenLayers plugin was an important one.)

Enjoyed 1st ed. Its clear the 2nd ed is not just a simple update and has added a lot.

I work in mineral exploration and among other things use GIS for mineral potential modelling and targeting. One aspect of topology that is very important and useful to us - perhaps more than other fields, is edges. The relationships between faces (perhaps lithology in geoscience) is associated with their common edge. The physical, chemical and perhaps time-stratagraphic relationship is important in modelling, but building and maintaining the RHF/LHF within a spatial database seems to get much less discussion time than faces. This isn't just an observation about the book, but seems to be the general case elsewhere. I'm currently working on getting the mineral potential / targeting toolset organized on an open platform. Since I work on Macs (except under duress) QGIS has been veers,ry welcome development in the Mac GIS world and its well capable of the application.
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Re: QGIS version in table 5.1

Thanks for the input. It will be updated before next MEAP release. QGIS moves really fast smilie