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Hi all.
Dmitry Morozov's DeepDive (DD) MVC article is GR8. Thanks.

Recently I've been looking at Reed Copsey's (and Adam Smith) MVVM work.

Reed has a mouse event example, Dmitry does not ...
I know its DD, but I still like code examples.
As Dmitry says: "... GUI programming is inherently hard but modern languages and new paradigms make these experiences more palatable. ..."
"... A fair question would be why not to use ever so popular MVVM pattern? The reason is that MVVM, which is a variation of Martin Fowler's PresentationModel pattern, follows the classic OOP approach where state and behavior are smashed together in one monolithic object. Once ViewModel grows big, which is inevitable for real-world GUI applications, it's getting hard to distinguish between methods and internal state (like DB connection) on one side and visual state (Model) manipulated by Controller on the other. Functional approach where declarative by nature data structures and functions/methods are separated is more favorable. Also, having Model type defined separately gives us a way to automate the implementation of tedious INotifyPropertyChanged interface. ,,, "

Reed seems to be working away at these issues. Is it possible they converge?
Not sure if you consider side bars, but I like Reeds work too.

Thanks. PLH OOE Art