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First, thanks sooo much for writing this! Great topic!!
I thought chapter 1 was quite good. Well written, good focus. Very nice CAP description.
A couple of minor notes ...
- 1.3
- it would help to mention that we should grab the zipfile in the para where you provide the download URL. There are several choices on the site. I didn't realize I had done the wrong thing until I got to the next section, 1.3.1 where you mention the zipfile.
- there are some pre-requisites that might deserve a mention. IIS might be obvious, but it isn't the default and not all that common for a DB. Also, to complete the installer execution, I needed to add IIS Security -> WIndows Authentication.
- regarding versioning, I tried the current stable 2.5 as well as the current 3.0 and they are (clearly) quite different. will be a tough call for you on which to go with I'm sure.

In Figure 1.8, the default view for both 2.5 and 3.0 is the details view as far as I saw. The image shows the non-default small card view.

On page 17/18, neither 2.5 nor 3.0 seem to have a collections tab.

That's it!
So all tiny stuff. And I realize you're trying to avoid providing all the step-by-step stuff, so may not be worth doing anything.
Great start. On to chapter 2!
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Re: Minor Chapter 1 Notes
Thanks. Chapter 1 was written when an older version of the studio was in use. We are now waiting for version 3.0 to stabilize and be released, and once that is done we will remake the first chapters of the book and then publish it.