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abloomston (1) [Avatar] Offline
You might want to consider amending the bullet point:

"Guarantees to process every piece of input you give it at least once."

to add a sentence or two about why this is significant. I imagine that some of your readers may be coming to the first chapter without much hands-on experience designing distributed systems with things like fault tolerance and reliability in mind, and as such might not see why this is a bullet point worth listing.

Maybe something along the lines of "If a piece of input is being processed and something crashes, it is guaranteed that (a) the piece of input will not be lost and (b) it will be processed. For reasons we will go into in chapter X, this may entail this piece of input being processed more than once; This may seem odd, but keep in mind that at least once is better than not at all!"

Hope you find this helpful and not too nit-picky!
matthew.jankowski (17) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Minor suggestion for 1.3 Why You Would Want to Use Storm
Not too nit-picky at all. These are the types of things that are easy to miss and feedback around stuff like this is extremely valuable. Thanks!
Jasmine (7) [Avatar] Offline
Just want to provide that I completely agree with emphasizing the value here. This also provides a great point to make a future reference towards the Trident section, highlighting its value and place in the ecosystem.