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dennis6032 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Dear authors,

I just purchased your book and realize that it is not yet complete. However, I'm curious as to why there is no mention of the need to include <script src= type="text/javascript"></script> (or something equivalent) in the <head></head> or <body></body> sections of the HTML code?

I am new to AngularJS and am accustomed to following along with the author's code examples from other "... in Action" books as they are literally provided in the books. However, after working through the code in chapter 2, the result did not render correctly in my browser as expected. After looking at the example code for chapter 2, I realized that the above <script></script> code was missing, and that it was also necessary for the code to work correctly.

After carefully reviewing chapter 1 and 2, I could not find any discussion of how to download and set up for using AngularJS. Rather, the book simply jumps into code snippets of AngularJS. This seems like an oversight; or perhaps I am missing something.

As mentioned above, I have purchased several other "... in Action" books, and they do provide the necessary background information on how to set up the environment (e.g. JBoss, Android etc.) in preparation for working through the remaining chapters of those books. So, I found it somewhat strange that this essential information is missing in your book.

verhagen (35) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Missing essential information for code
Yes, I miss the introduction about how and what to install, like the npm stuff etc. Now the code examples just start, but they should run on some http server and nodejs stuff. Which I did not use up till know. Normally ar least a reference is given to a web-site that this is needed.
Would be good, to at least mention it. But better to add an chapter or appendix explaining it.
Lukas Ruebbelke (107) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Missing essential information for code
Great point! I am working really hard to fix that. I am just wrapping up Ch 4 to have continuity with the rest of the book and will release it to MEAP very soon. From there I am going to go back and redo the Ch 1 through 3 and fill in those gaps.

Please shoot me an email at if you are interested in giving me direct feedback on what this would like like. Thanks for the feedback and I take it very seriously.