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Just some minor things...all in all a good chapter

Page 61:
In the line below, I think you meant "routers" instead of "routes":
I found routes conceptually confusing until I saw them being used, after which I
"got it".

Listing 3.11 (copy from chapter 2) and 3.13- using absolute path "/public" in path.resolve, should probably be relative path "public":
var publicPath = path.resolve(__dirname, "/public");

var publicPath = path.resolve(__dirname, "/public");
var userUploadsPath = path.resolve(__dirname, "/user_uploads");

Sentences that don't end
Page 61:
A common fix is to
Page 67:
Then, if the client's cached ETag isn't the same, it'll
And that's all there is smilie They're cliff hangers!
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Re: Ch. 3 - verbiage
Good catches!

In general, was the distinction between "routers" and "routes" easy to understand, even if I got the wording correct? I worry that they're too similar of words and might cause confusion.

Sorry about the cliffhangers! I'll fix those and the other errors too.

(And thanks for saying it's "all in all a good chapter", by the way.)
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Re: Ch. 3 - verbiage

Definitely easy to worries there! I read the sentence twice, which is probably why it stood out.

Book's been a pleasure to read so far. Great mix of code and text, and the text flows really well.

Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next chapter!