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I would ask you to reconsider the use of the weasel word “performant”. Using normal grammatical rules performant would mean someone who performs just as servant is someone who serves. However, this is not the definition popularly ascribed to it especially by marketing departments. Amongst many different definitions it seems to me that the most common definition, and the one that you appear to be using, is that performant is something that has adequate or better performance. The problem with this definition, for it to be useful, requires that the audience is in agreement with how performance is to be measured and what constitutes adequate performance i.e. a specific performance target.

The whole nature of your book is an exploration of functional programming. As such I don’t think that there can be any definitive performance targets common to the entire audience.

Bearing in mind the exploratory nature of your book, on page 49 the question “Immutable data is safer, but is it performant?” might be restated as “Immutable data is safer, but in what ways does it affect performance?”.

On page 52 you state, “we can still achieve reasonably performant collections”. Here, you seem to be using performant as a synonym for performance as the word “reasonably” is redundant. Performant already meets adequate or better performance. Once again it may be better to rephrase this as “we can still achieve collections with a minimal effect on performance”. You can substitute your own adjective for “minimal”.

I may be wrong but as someone who is new to functional programming I am more interested in knowing the relative impact of using functional programming concepts. Thus wherever you introduce a functional concept instead of stating that it is performant it may be of value to show comparative performance (memory use and speed) in implementing code snippets in non-functional Java, implementing the functional concept in Java and finally implementing it within Scala.

It's interesting to note that even the spell checker on this site has a problem with performant.
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Re: The Word Performant
Fair observation smilie

Thanks for the feedback.

-- Aslam