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I just tried the example in Listing 1.10 (kind of hello world), which didn't worked. I'm using angular 1.2.18 and the angular.module('helloApp') was not working. I had to write angular.module('helloApp', []) instead

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Re: Listing 1.10
This helped me. Thanks for posting this!
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Re: Listing 1.10
Just in case anyone wants to actually get it to work.
Very frustrating that the first example in the book will not work!
The book needs to describe what you need to download before trying to run the example.

I ran this with angularJS version1.3.3.
Added <HTML> and <HEAD> sections that are missing from the book as well as the change to the angular.module definiton
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Re: Listing 1.10
Chapter 1 has been entirely rewritten and submitted for editorial review. The isolated examples have been scrubbed and everything is anchored in Angello Lite which you can find here.

Please check that out and expect and update very soon!