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This is the start of a great book. I agree with your approach and like your presentation style. I believe I have found a contradiction in the introduction and first pages. In the introduction, you say maths are not required (referring to lambda calculus, etc.) but then later in the section defining a function, launch a tight and well written piece on why we should trust maths and how they are central to our understanding of FP. I expect this will be confusing to your readers.

I wonder if it would be clearer if you slightly modified the argument. Something like: Maths are important to FP. Some are theoretical and explain why FP works. Others are practical and explain how FP works. We are concerned with the latter and feel confident that you need not understand the theory to be a good functional programmer.

Just as an aside, I would challenge your statement that maths like lambda calculus and its friends are a reason for the steep learning curve of functional programming. I have done a quick informal survey of my FP library (Learn you a Haskell for great good, Programming in Scala, Land of Lisp, and even my old and well-worn copy of Winston and Horn) and find none of them dragging me into lambda calculus or category theory. The closest to theory is lambda expressions, but the view is more as a programming construct rather than a theoretical one.

I like your implied point that the learning curve is steep because FP takes away many of our familiar programming constructs. Examples where you refactor imperative code to replace these constructs with functional analogs are quite informative.
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Re: Importance of maths in the first sections
Thanks for the great feedback. I will consider tightening up the wording to remove ambiguity as you suggested.

From your post, I gather that this is not your first foray into FP smilie
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Re: Importance of maths in the first sections
Thanks for replying to the post and considering my comment. I have been working with FP (on and off) for a long time and you book effort has rekindled my interest. To answer your question in slightly more detail, I updated my profile with a bio and new email address. I look forward to new chapters. Best Regards
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Re: Importance of maths in the first sections
Ahh, I see you are working on ETL. There are interesting possibilities when we tackle stream based data processing. That is in the scheduled for the second half of the book.

-- Aslam
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