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ZhangXunqi (8) [Avatar] Offline
Hi! Mr.Sande,or other friends,I need your help.Does my questions are too difficult to work out?Why not say something?0 reply makes me really sad!
Ok,still chapter 17:I let example 17.2 have a little change,because I can't understand it clearly.I try to know every variable's change rule.So you can see I nearly print every variable every loop when the ball runs(To think easily,I only play one ball)I think it can help me know hiw does the code run.Here is the code:
Maybe you can't see the indent.Here please regard '~' as a blank.
from random import *
class MyBallClass(pygame.sprite.Sprite):
~~~~def __init__(self,image_file,location,speed):
~~~~~~~~ pygame.sprite.Sprite.__init__(self)
~~~~def move(self):
~~~~~~~~print "##",self.rect
~~~~~~~~self.rect=self.rect.move(self.speed) #NOTICE HERE!!
~~~~~~~~print "##",self.rect
~~~~~~~~if self.rect.left<0 or self.rect.right>width:
~~~~~~~~if<0 or self.rect.bottom>height:

while True:
~~~~for event in pygame.event.get():
~~~~~~~~if event.type==pygame.QUIT:
~~~~print "========================="
~~~~print ball.rect
~~~~print ball.rect.left
~~~~print ball.rect.right
~~~~print ball.rect.bottom
~~~~print speed[0]
~~~~print speed[1]

Did you see "NOTICE HERE" ---self.rect=self.rect.move(self.speed)?I find self.rect changed from there.How does the code do it?I think this line must be the soul of this code?
Dear Mr. Sanda.Could you please give your opinions?