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Dear writer:
Hi!Hope you are not nervous to read this title again.
About the last message.I said there were a some problem in IDLE when I did some practice in chapter 16.Now,I think that not a problem(maybe you think so!),after all ,every thing can appear on the screen.But I really don't like something red in my program.Red line--'sys.exit()' used to make me crazy.However, when I don't use 'F5' in IDLE to run it,and click '' directly ,everthing is OK.That is to say, the red line doesn't influence the effect.But I really want to know why?What are 'proper programs' in Page 175?
Then what happend with my SPE?Anything wrong?Can you send me a new SPE?I want to figure it out just as you said!
(my e-mail you can't figure out what's wrong with IDLE.Please satisfy my second request.Thanks.Although with no replies,these problems can't stop my steps.