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I got the following error when running stack.

However I'm on 14.04 and I thought that may be the culprit, however others have reported the same issue with 12.04

Here's a similiar bug report that describes my situation

None of those fixes worked, what I did was manually install the correct PIP and then neuter the pip install file so it didn't do anything. Stack is now running, however no guarantee's of correctness.
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Re: Problems with PIP

Sorry to hear about the problem. I am thinking of switching to 14.04 as others have suggested. I expect it is the best path to take going forward.

Unfortunately, from day to day DevStack, even the stable branch might or might not work. This is a known issue that the OpenStack community is working to address.

If by the time the book is ready to come out MEAP this is not corrected, I will create a separate known working repo that users can use.

Thanks for the info,
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Re: Problems with PIP
Problems still exist with Ubuntu 14.04 and DevStack.

With any luck this will be resolved soon.