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On Page 10 you have this segment

Try it! In your Scala REPL, try the following.

print "Hello, World"

Hello World This is the output

There are two problems here, the trivial is that Hello World should have a comma after Hello. The serious one is that if you actually enter the print you get

<console>:1: error: ';' expected but string literal found.

What you need to enter to get the expected response is

print ("Hello, World")

which has the output Hello, World
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Re: Problem with first Scala REPL example
Thank you. It will be fixed.
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Re: Problem with first Scala REPL example
Just in case...
Still not fixed in free download...
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Re: Problem with first Scala REPL example
Yes, I am aware of that.

Not all changes are applied at the same time. I am working through all suggestions from the forum, including errata. Those will be released in good time.

Thanks for letting me know smilie
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Re: Problem with first Scala REPL example
Was going to report this issue, but it sounds like it's already been reported.

But also on the same page it says that :exit will exit the repl, but on my version (2.11.4, win64) the command is :quit

Rich C.
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Took me rather long to start the reading but the version 4 of the MEAP still has the error. BTW it was my very first line of scala code and I was quite disapointed by the REPLy...

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These synax issues are still not fixed, is there any update coming or is it just up to us to figure it out?
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I'll admit that I was confused on page 15. Specifically, where the REPL example has "scala> scala>." The confusion was that I was uncertain if I should type "scala >" at the prompt for a second time. I hope that's clear.
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I just bought V5 today, and this is still in there...
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Downloaded the MEAP today (Aug. 9, 2016) and still see the two errors on page 10:
1. It should replace
scala> print "Hello, World"
scala> print("Hello, World")

2. From the left side node "To quit the REPL and return to the shell, enter the command :exit".
The command ":exit" should be replaced with either ":q" or ":quit"

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It might have slipped through the cracks, but I am reading MEAP V05 and the Hello World is not in parens yet.
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I bought this book in March 2017 and the error is still not fixed after 3 years!!! Is there any progress in this book?