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Hi and welcome to the forum for my new book, Understanding SPAs. Thank you so much for your interest in the book. Please visit here with any comments or questions. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Re: Welcome
Just purchased MEAP package. I'm a high school teacher and like what technology can do to make learning more effective, not repeat oneself, and reach wider audiences. I'm relatively new with HTML5 technologies (can make simple CSS style modifications to elements; can do basic things with JS, but trying hard to learn how to use JS functions and work with JSON objects, etc.). I do hope this will be sufficient to take advantage of what your book will have to offer.
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Re: Welcome
Hi aurelianonava,

A fundamental assumption of the book is that you've been building websites for at least a year or so before you get to this book. Single Page Web Applications are tricky beasts to comprehend and aren't designed to cater for newcomers to web development. We're purely going to look at how SPAs do fundamental tasks rather than teach you HTML and CSS for those sites.

However, if you'd like to persist that's great, although I suspect you may need to brush up on your JavaScript skills to take full advantage of this book.

Thanks, Dan
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Re: Welcome
Thank you for your reply. I will push hard, as you recommended. So far, chapter 2 is going well. Seem to be comprehending the key concepts involved. Look forward to more. Be well.
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A big thanks to Emmit and Manning for publishing this book!

I have read two other SPA books but this book finally brought me from black-n-white to color on many of the concepts. Extremely well done!

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Is the book finished?