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I bought the book because I expect that I can find out how to build web map in chapter 17. All I found is list of mapping server and its variation. I just want to ask if the writer can help me to my project. I'm experienced web programmer. My goal is to build interactive online map with routing functionality. I'm finding hints by reading PostGis and Openlayer cookbook including the PostGIS in action 2. I saw myself having those core requirements like PostGIS and OpenLayer , but I don't know how to use them together. I will be working with just small town map. Is there a way to make it done by PHP/JS/PostgreSQL coding? Please help. Thank you!
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Re: Creating Web Map

Did you take a look at the source code in the download file.

There is an example of building a GeoJSON output in PostgreSQL with a function that you can directly overlay in Leaflet and OpenLayers. Our example was with Leaflet for overlay, but you can use the same for OpenLayers.

Which version of PostgreSQL and PostGIS are you using?
The first edition of the book -- http://www.postgis.us/chapter_11_edition_1 We do have an example of OpenLayers, PHP (using smarty). If you haven't already you can get a free copy of the 1st edition E-book if you purchased the 2nd Edition.