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I've been looking at UIRouter. When looking at the source code I noticed this was not chosen. I read from Lukas " minimal dependencies on things that are not strictly AngularJS" which is perfectably understandable to me. However, given the popularity and wide acceptance that has been given to UI Router by the community, I am surprised that I have not yet come across a book that covers it.

I instantly liked Brian's seed
So I googled to see if he was writing a book smilie

So I assumed that this book would use UI Router. Would like to know why it was not chosen and if the decision is final.

BTW, am a great fan and reader of your respective blogs so I have great expectations that this book will be a promising read...but nothing beats beautiful clean code..tested and running smilie
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No comments? I also wanted to see ui-router added. This book is very good, it gave me good insight in to how Angular works. Thanks for the book and the working code.