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I finished the first four chapters. When I have some time I may install Ubuntu, but right now I have a fully functional Red Hat 6 installation that allowed me to complete all exercises.

What I really like about the book so far is the way it is laid out. The first section was an overview, then there were exercises that gave me a chance to play around and gain insight into the inner workings. The fourth chapter then dove into an explanation tying all the components together and answering a bunch of questions I had.

I eagerly await the next chapters. I like the idea of both; installing openstack manually, and understanding how to justify the concept at a business level.

I also appreciate the help Cody gave me in the early chapters to get me started.

If anyone is browsing this forum who; has an interest in openstack and is trying to decide if the should get this book, stop wondering and buy it.

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Re: The book so far --- MEAP V2 The first 4 chapters
Wow! Thanks for the review!

We are working on new content while revising the first part of the book. I appreciate your questions, they have been very helpful in shaping the book.