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I just starting reading the Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches book and on page 7 it states that you could find the lab answers and additional supplemental content at MoreLunches.com. However after visiting that site I did not see links referencing the lab answers or additional supplemental content. Is this information not yet posted on the MoreLunches.com website and if not when will it be posted.


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Re: Lab answers at MoreLunches.com
Hello Manning,

I am wondering the same thing. The book states that we can find the supplemental content at MoreLunches.com but all it appears to be is an advertising front for other books...are we missing something?


Damola Omotosho
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I will be posting additional information shortly on lunches.com. There have been some changes to the direction of some of the technologies, such as using Desired State Configuration instead of the web farm framework. I'm putting together some papers on ti now.
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Any update on this?
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Hi! WMF 5 is still in preview along with Server 2016 -- many changes are occurring, plus a new set of cmdlets for IIS are being developed. I'll post some information about changes when the product has become closer to release.

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Is there any updates on this? This issue seems to have been lingering around for almost a year with no resolution. Bought this book and feel quite disappointed that there is no support/solutions as mentioned frequently throughout the book. Shouldn't take that long for someone to whip up some basic documentation really.

Specifically, if there is any guidance that can be provided for the Chapter 9, task 5, setting up ADCS and wild card certificates, that would be really appreciated. It's a little outside the scope of IIS, but that's what I thought buying this book would be great for.

Any help would be appreciated. I realize it's been like over a year, and if there aren't any solutions now, there probably aren't going to be any. But i'll take any pointers or suggestions to any resources to help me get through setting up the certificates in ADCS.