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Sect 2.1.2, I think the syntax is incorrect. The command should be "git remote add <short name> <repo URL>". "origin" isn't part of the command, but it's used in many other examples as a short name for the remote repo.

Also, the use of "username" in the description is wrong. That should be a reference to the short name for the remote repo, or the user's name for it.

A corrected example might be:
git remote add redux https://github.com/GitInPractice/GitInPracticeRedux.git

I'm still new to git, so please let me know if I've got this wrong.
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Re: git remote add
Sorry, my mistake. I misread the command, thought there was an extra parameter. The syntax is correct as given.
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Re: git remote add
Thanks for letting me know it's OK!