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In the example for the "foreverloop with a break condition" in Listing 2.36, this example:

if count < 10 {

I'm pretty sure the comparison was meant to be either == or >= making the loop go for 10 iterations like previous alternatives.

Thanks for writing!
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Re: Minor mistake in Listing 2.36
Thanks for the correction. We are throwing out chapter 2 and I am in the process of writing a new version of chapter 2 now. Hope to be finished by the end of the weekend. If you have time let me know, I will need reviewers.
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Re: Minor mistake in Listing 2.36
Haven't checked back on the thread since I found it in a more or less spam-infested-state the day after posting, good to see you got it cleaned up!

I'd love to review it if you have a new version, I'd be happy to help out.