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rickumali (134) [Avatar] Offline
I wanted to welcome everyone who visits this forum! I appreciate you visiting!

If you have feedback about the book, please let me know here!

Git is the very popular open-source version control system built for speed and efficiency. As more developers participate in "social coding" on sites like GitHub, learning how Git works becomes very important. Git's distributed nature, plus its ability to do fast branching, makes it an easy choice for your next personal project.

I hope you'll join me. Thank you!
aurelianonava (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to this Book
Just bought book and I'm looking forward to learning Git from your book.
rickumali (134) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to this Book
Thank you so much!
aurelianonava (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to this Book
What is the best way to engage you and content in this forum? Do we share possible errors with you? Extend suggestions, ideas on pedagogy and ask questions on subject matter?
rickumali (134) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to this Book
The best way to engage me is via this forum using a new thread. On the Thread List, click on "Post New Thread". Give the subject something useful, then type away!

Definitely share errors with me, though copyediting and spelling will come at a later time. Definitely share suggestions, ideas and ask questions on the subject matter.

I will certainly welcome all the feedback. Thanks for participating!
jasonc (12) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to this Book
Will this book cover the new Git 2.0 released recently?
Thanks, Jason
rickumali (134) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to this Book
Jason, This book will cover at least one key aspect of Git 2.0, namely the matching semantics versus simple semantics when you type "git push" without any other arguments. Other than that, I'll see what else is worth discussing in Git 2.0. Let this forum know by way of new thread what you would like to see.
126615 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Welcome to this Book: Cloning a repo on mac using git guy Section 2.3.1
Git Gui.tiff
[ 58 KB ]
On a mac, git gui does not fill in the target directory when attempting to clone a directory. When I try to clone to a non existing directory - permission denied

Also wouldn't it be better to use the command line instead of a guy to accomplish this?