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First: Thanks for your great book!

Throughout the book the kanbaneros team is working on one project. What about teams working on two or more projects? E.g. we are a 7 people team and mostly working on 2 to 4 projects simultanously. Most of our projects a rather small, so that mostly only 2 developers are working on one project.
We like to start with kanban - do you suggest to start with one board?
What about the daily standups? - The whole team or a standup per project?
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Re: teams working on more than one project
Hello Alexx,

thanks for the feedback on the book and for taking time to write this questions.

So, I would definitely start on one board and keeping the team together. The main point is visualisation in the early stages and getting a feeling that you all can see everything that is going on is a great start.

As for the different projects I would do the simplest possible you can go with separate "swimlanes" per project see chapter 6, p 124-125 for inspiration, or you can have different colored stickies per project.

It all comes down to your goal; do you want people to collaborate and help eachother over the project boundaries, to finish the projects faster. Or do you want to make sure that you're running the projects a separate things (might be sensitive information for example). Things like that might color your decsions.

In my opinion transparency and openness through visualizing the current state is always better, if you want to improve little by little. Hence that's how I would start.

Along the same line I would do the standups together. You can have simple timeboxes per projects if you're worried that it will take long. There's a number of tips in the Standup section 7.3

Best of luck!
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Re: teams working on more than one project
Hello Marcus,

thanks for your tips!

The team decided to keep the team together (following your suggestions), both for the daily standup and the board. We didn't do standups before, so it's new to us, but (after the first week) it seems to be pretty good.
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Re: teams working on more than one project

For everything you try and do; see it as an experiment and see where it takes you. "Let's try standups for a couple of weeks and see how we like it".

But (had to be one, right?), things that make information more visible and more known are generally things worth keeping, in my book (no pun intended).

Say hi to your team(s) from me!