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Page 48 you wrote: "Let's think of a working (all appropriate virtual hardware and operating system)
VM instance for which you have no access to, or credentials for Policy
Inaccessible (PI). Security Groups, define rules (AKA: access list) to describe
access (what goes in and what comes out) on the network (Layer 3) level. A
security group can be created for an individual instance, or groups of instances can
share the same group. DevStack creates a default security group for us"

The paragraph is confusing. Maybe the section in ()'s should go after VM? Is the VM called Policy Inaccessible?

Perhaps: Let's think of a working VM (ie. one that has all...) called Policy inaccessible (PI). There are no security groups etc....

It may just be me, but the sentence structure is confusing. I know we are not looking for typos and other people, with a much better grasp on the English language than I have, will proof read this; but I thought I would mention it.
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Re: Page 48. --Passage Seems Confusing -at least to me :-)
Thanks for the feedback. Trust me, its not your English, that is a terrible paragraph.

I will make sure it is corrected once the reviews come back.