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It seems like there are at least two relevant Mondrian schema versions out there. But I am confused at how to distinguish them especially with respect to the official documentation which does not feature a version number.

The first link seems to document the most recent version and the second one version 3?


I assume (with respect to my other question regarding "attribute") that "attribute" is a new feature of the most recent schema version which is not provided by Schema Workbench as it is no longer actively maintained. Is that correct?

I would appreciate some information on the versioning situation or where to find documentation on that matter.

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I had the same problem few weeks ago. It's truly confusing, but you're right. The first link points to the mondrian 4.0 documentation. The second link to mondrian 3.5

The easiest method for me to distinguish between 3.5 and 4.0 schemas is to look for PhysicalSchema or MeasureGroups tags which are 4.0-only.