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raffael (6) [Avatar] Offline
Posted also at Pentaho community forum:



I could use some guidance, a starting point, as to how to set up Mondrian with the BI Server and a MySQL DB.

I have some documentation on how to write a schema for MySQL and Mondrian. But I cannot find any information on where to place those schemas so Mondrian and BI Server can use them and how to register/install Mondrian within BI Server in the first place. If I understand it correctly then it seems that Mondrian is not pre-configured in the initial BI Server set up.

According to William Back there is f.x. a datasources.xml supposed to be located in [BI_HOME]/pentaho-solutions/system/olap/ where you have to specify the MySQL connectin settings. This folder does not exist though.

I am pretty much interested in how to get the very first step done.


william.back (28) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Setting up Mondrian 4 with BI Server 5 and MySQL
Rafeal - Mondrian in Action was written before Pentaho 5 was released. I think we mentioned that the setup would change, and it did. So a few points of consideration.

1. Mondrian 4.0 does not work directly with Pentaho 5.0 using Analyzer. You will get errors.
2. Mondrian 4.0 is available via Saiku, so you can download and install that. I assume you are using Pentaho CE. I do not recommend using Mondrian 4.0 with EE until it is released.
3. You no longer use the system/olap/datasources.xml with Pentaho 5.0. You need to use the Manage Data Sources in the Home perspective (logged in as an Admin). Create a new analysis schema and upload the schema.mondrian.xml Note that you will need to pick the database that has been previously configured. Keep in mind, this currently doesn't work with Mondrian 4.0 schemas, only 3.x

Hopefully this gets you going in some direction that works for you.
raffael (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Setting up Mondrian 4 with BI Server 5 and MySQL
Hi Bill,

thank you very much for your quick reply!

Kind regards

usbrandon (3) [Avatar] Offline
I am leading an active discussion and leading some initiatives to make it easier to get Mondrian 4 into play with both EE and CE version 5.2. We're even doing development on Pentaho 5.3 so it should be a matter of installing a few plugins from the Pentaho MarketPlace and you can get up and running quickly without too much fuss.
madisonquinn (1) [Avatar] Offline

Go through "Mondrian Schema for OLAP Cube Definition ft. Google Analytics and Saiku" this for a more advanced use case.

Here you'll get the information for how to set up Mondrian with Pentaho BI server.

The great thing about Penthao BI Server is that it is very very easy to setup. All you have to do is to …

  • download the most recent release

  • extract it

  • set PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME to the root of your Java installation

  • make and executable, if you are working on Linux

  • Thanks.
    xMix (3) [Avatar] Offline

    I'm interested in userdefinedfunction (udf) in mondrian schema file, however there seems to be some severe problems about it. So I'm also puzzled, can somebody help? Thanks.