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I'm just going through chapter 1 now, and found some typos. (Note that the pages that I will be referring to are not the page numbers as labelled on the pdf, but the "pdf page").

Here's a list (non-comprehensive):

p.7 last paragraph - 'other wise' should be 'otherwise'
p.8 2nd paragraph last sentence - 'on you newly constructed private cloud' should be 'on *your* newly ...'
p.8 last line - 'virtualization' is spelt wrongly ('virtualziation')
p.11 last sentence of 2nd last paragraph - 'visualization' should be 'virtualization'

p.20 last line - 'launch' should be in the past tense
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Re: some typos in chapter 1
Hi jfs.world,

Thanks for the info. I will make sure these things are corrected in future versions.