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I am having difficulty understanding how to use the "Host name" part of the binding. I can't even use the 'Browse Website' link in the Actions pane. The default web site works fine.

I entered 'test' as the 'Host name'. When I click on the 'Browse Website' link in the Actions pane I get a 404 error. The error says it's looking for the physical path c:inetpubwwwroot est. But I located the website files in c:websites estsite. When I look at the 'Physical Path' under Advanced Settings, it shows c:websites estsite.

If I move the website folder to c:inetpubwwwroot estsite, I can get the website in the browser, but only if I type the folder name, such as '<server>/testfile'. If I type '<server>/test', I get an error because it was looking for 'c:inetpubwwwoot est\'.

Clearly I'm missing a fundamental concept or setting here.


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