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kofiaddaquay (22) [Avatar] Offline
Are questions only allowed during MEAP? I have questions about some of the ideas the book presents, as i am unable to get help online. Was hoping the author could answer.

Question is i am struggling a bit with creating my view classes using the architecture explained in the book. In the book, i see a generic main class, which will contain elements common between the phone's main and the tablet main views. Then i see a more specific phone main class then a tablet main class. Question is, should i be structuring all my views like this? Say i have a feature page that looks different on phones and tablets. Should i begin by always having a generic feature class? then write platform specific code for how it will look on phones and tablets?

i guess the exception here is for views that will look the same on mobile and tablets. then in that case i could use one view... But if they are different i should use the approach of first creating a generic class following by device specific code. Pretty much i am writing 3 classes for each view. Thanks for your help in advance.