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Campbell Ritchie (101) [Avatar] Offline
The λ on page 41 shows a1.getWeight().compareTo.(a2.getWeight())
This will of course not compile because you can't call methods on an int. In that instance, ints are not boxed to Integers. It should read
(a1.getWeight() > a2.getWeight() ? 1 : a1.getWeight() < a2.getWeight() ? -1 : 0)
but if the weights are small positive ints, you can get away with
a1.getWeight() - a2.getWeight()
without risk of overflow errors.

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undjask (13) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Boxing or not boxing on page 41
The code on page 41 compiles and runs just fine, because getWeight returns an Integer. If you are going to change getWeight into returning a primitive int you probably want to use,a2.getWeight()), which works since Java 7.

I hope, someday Oracle will get rid of primitive values and walks down the same path like Scala or C++ providing suitable value types, so nobody has to use primitives again, ever...