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In every occurence of the Little's Law I see a bullet instead of lambda
Page 28: in Little's formula there is something strange; maybe instead of = shlould be L?
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Re: Typing errors
Yes, the formula display is not yet correct, and it cannot nicely be expressed in the underlying XML format unfortunately. Will try to fix (but it will surely be fixed for the final release).
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Re: Typing errors
Page 44: They they begin to market - should be When they begin to market?
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Re: Typing errors
Yep, cleaning out those typos on the next revision, expect it shortly. Thanks!
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Re: Typing errors
Page 139: "to read to and write from" -> "to read from and write to"?
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Re: Typing errors
Just in case nobody mentioned it before: The translation of "divide et regna" in your book sounds odd, see:


I'm not a native english speaker, but the translation "divide and rule" appears to be a better fit. It is also the common translation (next to "divide and conquer") in computer science.

Besides, you use "philosophy" where "paradigm" seems better. It surely is a matter of taste, but personally I think the term "philosophy" is overused in technical literature.