Misa (43) [Avatar] Offline
The bulleted item git diff master^ master at the bottom of page 24 is shown twice. Should one of them be git diff master^..master?

And what exactly does that dot-dot syntax mean? It appears to be interchangeable with a space character.
Mike McQuaid (83) [Avatar] Offline
Re: git diff invocations in v3 1.6.4
Fixed this, thanks. Will be in the next MEAP release.

I've added another example of using `..`. Essentially `..` and space are interchangeable but `..` can be used to omit the parameter and imply HEAD e.g. `git diff master~1..` == `git diff master~1..HEAD`. I'm not expanding on it in more detail because I don't think it's important to know or use the syntax beyond knowing that it's why you can't use `..` in branch names.